add a concession

for $50


$115.00 Modular 15x15

$160.00 modular slide (Primary Color OR pink/purple color)

Toy Story | Superman | Spider-Man | Disney Princesses | Minnie Mouse | Mickey Mouse | Dora | Hello Kitty

Choose from a 15x15 Bouncer or a Modular Slide then select the character banner of your choice.  Modular units can be used with or without a banner.

FUn House


15x15 Bouncer

Rainbow Castle


13x13 Bouncer

moonwalks/bounce hOUSES/COMBO SLIDES


pHONE: 281.883.8264 |fAX: 281.913.5755

Kawabunga dUAL Slide - 16ft

$210.00 dry or $285.00 wet

Double the fun with the Kawabunga double slide. (Dimensions 30'Lx15'Wx16'H)

slip n slide


This 40 ft. double lane slip n slide is fun for all.  Kids and adults will enjoy it! (Dimensions 40'Lx12'Wx9'H)

Kawabunga SINGLE Slide - 16ft

$185.00 dry or $250.00 wet

Get ready for some climbing fun.  The Kawabunga single slide is 16 ft tall and guaranteed fun. (Dimensions 27'Lx12'Wx16'H)

Rainbow Slide


Sports Arena


15x15 Bouncer

Pink Castle


13x13 Bouncer

Blue Combo Slide

$160.00 DRY Only

(Dimensions 25'Lx13'Wx15'H)

Sports Arena Slide

$160.00 dry only

(Dimensions 28'Lx13'Wx13'H)


2 tables & 12 METAL chairs

for $30

Triple Threat Sports Play


Football Toss, Soccer Kick, and Baseball Pitch (Dimensions 20'Lx12'Wx10'H)